Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play

Act One takes place in a world with no electricity surrounding a nighttime bonfire. The majority of the illumination for this act came from an ETC D60 Vivid placed within the bonfire canister, reinforced by two other D60s from a 60° front angle from either side of the stage. The only other light source in this act was a single Source 4 50° backlight used to mimic moonlight.

Act Two takes place in an empty warehouse, still with no electricity. The skylight in this image is one of three pre-existing skylights in the venue. Light boxes were custom built to surround each skylight on the roof of the building and encapsulate 2 ETC D40XT Lustr+ fixtures per box.

Act Three takes place in a more “theatrical” world illuminated presumably by gaslight, still with no power.

“The tech designs more than restored power to this production and, frankly, is worth the ticket price alone…Kline’s lighting design was remarkable for its lack of light, perfectly balancing the need to see and the inescapable fact that there is no power available in the world of the play…The tech stitched it all together into something worth watching and worth telling.” –Shawn Hackler for Culture of the Senses blog


Director: Troy Heard
Assistant Lighting Designer: Eric Haufschild
Scenic Designer: Ian Mangum
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Ann LaRouche
Sound Designer: James Boldt
Stage Manager: Rebecca Sass

Art Square Theatre is a 2100 sq. foot venue in a building devoted to arts enrichment in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. Though the space was not necessarily built with a theatre in mind, it has been converted into an intimate, completely reconfigurable black box. For this production of Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play, the configuration was an 85 seat proscenium.


Cockroach Theatre Company, Las Vegas


April 2015

Photo Credit

Will Adamson